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These are the committees defined within Major Taylor Cycling Club of New Jersey. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommittees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
Set the spending guidelines of the club
To set the rules and regulations for which the club will operate under
To plan and coordinate the logistics of the summer club ride and club BBQ.
This elected body was chosen to take care of the daily duties and responsibilities of running the club for a term of 2 years.
This ad hoc committee is responsible for collecting the names of candidates running for office, creating the election ballot and announcing the winners.
To plan the year end celebration for the club.
To plan the design and style of the club kit and the apparel.
Major Taylor Mid-Atlantic Ride: Planning board for the joint ride between Philly Major Taylor, MTIR, Central Jersey and our club.
Responsible for planning the annual ride logistics from Newark to New Hope and back to Newark.
To plan and coordinate the ride calendar for club. To set the guidelines for the ride leaders to follow and disseminate to those that participate on the club rides. Post season calendar is November through March.